Lust Erotic Board Game for Couples in English
Lust Erotic Board Game for Couples in English
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Lust Erotisk Brætspil til Par på Engelsk  1

Lust Erotic Board Game for Couples in English

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Product Description

Turn off the lights, turn off your phones and get ready to play the erotic board game LUST.

LUST is a popular game for couples who want to explore and challenge each other's sexual fantasies.

Roll the dice, choose a card and then follow the instructions on the card.

The board game has four different categories of cards: romance, sensuality, body language and lovemaking. You choose the love-making cards during the game and place them in the centre of the board. When the game is over, all the cards become your shared fantasy.

During the game you will be faced with exciting, fun and sexy challenges. The game will open up new sides of you, no matter if you have been together for years or only a couple of months.

The game is for two adults over 18 years old.

The playing cards and game rules are in both English and Spanish.

Product Details

RULES: Simple.
SIZE OF BOX: 23 x 23 x 4 cm.
AGE LIMIT: At least 18 years old.
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish.
THE GAME CONTAINS: Game board, 20 romance cards, 20 sensuality cards, 20 body language cards, 20 love-making cards, 2 game pieces, 1 dice, game rules.


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