Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator
Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator
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Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

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Product Description

Fun Factory Amorino is excellent if you are looking at buying your first dildo, desiring nice and tantalising stimulation.

Amorino is modest in size, which is a great start for someone who lacks experience with sex toys.

It is easy to operate and has an impressive 12 different vibration patterns, so you are guaranteed to find a vibration you will love. The two inner vibration motors makes Amorino a very stimulating and enjoyable acquaintance.

A unique feature is the stimulation band that the Amorino boasts. When the band is placed on the vibrator, it stimulates the clitoris with titillating vibrations, at the same time that the vibrator stimulates both the clitoris and vagina. 

The vibrator can also be used for internal stimulation, while at the same time stimulating the clitoris. Please be aware that the tape needs to be removed before inserting the dildo in your vagina. 

Once inserted, the Amorino is very user friendly and easy to use-you turn it on using the FUN button and then you are ready to go. You can switch between vibrations with the plus and minus buttons, and by pressing the FUN button again, you can switch it off. The vibrator also has a KeyLock feature that prevents the dildo vibrator from accidently switching itself on in your luggage or handbag. Hold the FUN button and (+) button down at the same time for 3-5 seconds to unlock your dildo.

Fun Factory Amorino is rechargeable and will need to be charged before use. You do this with the included Click’N’Charge USB charger.

The vibrator is also 100% waterproof, so it is easy to clean and can also be enjoyed in the shower or bathtub. 

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical silicone.
LÆNGDE:17,3 cm, hvoraf ca. 7 cm. kan indføres. 
BATTERY TYPE: Rechargeable lithium battery (USB charger included)
VIBRATION LEVEL: 6 vibration levels and 6 vibration patterns
INTERFACE: 3 buttons ;FUN, Plus and Minus.
USER GUIDE: German, English.


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