Fifty Nights of Naughtiness
Fifty Nights of Naughtiness
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Fifty Nights of Naughtiness

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Product Description

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness is just the game to play if you are extra curious and love a little fun.

The game contains one dice and 50 cards divided into 5 naughty categories. On each card is a small task or game you will perform together. 

Throw the dice and see which colour card you will enjoy, perform or play. Will it be innocent white, passionate pink, seductive red, sexy dark red or perhaps the extra naughty black card?

If the dice lands on the colour yellow, you get to choose between all the cards and categories.

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness opens up new ideas, exciting adventures and erotic surprises. At the same time you get introduced to new sexy play and a lot of intimacy and closeness.

Whether you are looking for romantic experiences together or want to add extra spice to your sex life, then Fifty Nights of Naughtiness will not disappoint.

The game is in English, but the playing cards are easy for everyone to understand. Enjoy!

Product Details

TITLE: Fifty Night of Naughtiness.
RULES: Simple.
LANGUAGE: English.
THE GAME CONTAINS: Dice and 50 cards.


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