Fetish Fantasy Extreme Insane Cane Whip

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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Insane Cane Whip

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Product Description

Insane Cane is the perfect name for this crazily effective whip from Fetish Fantasy. Especially suitable for those of you who have experience with hard SM.

This 64 cm long whip is a modern, stylish version of the classic cane, known to create calm and obedience.

Thanks to the hard core, this cane gives a good flick, high crack and a sharp direct pain where it hits.

It is therefore not suitable for beginners, and it is necessary to warm up your skin before starting, with for eg. a paddle. 

Made from imitation leather and a metal handle.


MATERIAL: Rust-free steel, polypropylene, polyurethane.
LENGTH: 64 cm.
DIAMETER: 1.2 cm.

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