Discover Your Lover Special Edition Game
Discover Your Lover Special Edition Game
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Discover Your Lover Special Edition Game

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Product Description

Go on a sensual adventure with your lover through the erotic realm of your sexual fantasies and desires. Pleasure, fun and intimacy are at the core of this game that takes you on a ride using 192 saucy questions and titillating tasks.

Start out with the affectionate, romantic tasks and venture onto the more daring challenges that will fire up the temperature in the room and between the two of you!

The game allows you to discover new passions and desires that can open up to uncharted territory, bringing you even closer together. The winner gets a wish fulfilled, whether that is an erotic fantasy or a Friday night in with a good foot rub. But really, there are no losers when participating in this pleasure play game.

Product Details

TITLE: Discover Your Lover Special Edition.
RULES: Simple.
CONTAINS:192 playing card.
LANGUAGE: English.


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