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Discover Your Lover Board Game
Discover Your Lover Board Game
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Discover Your Lover Board Game

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Product Description

Do you wish to add spice to your sex life and be inspired to have more romantic foreplay, then the Discover Your Lover game is perfect for you.

The game will most definitely stimulate you in new ways and bring you closer together. Use it as a part of naughty foreplay, and see how long you can keep your hands off each other.

The game is easy to play. You take turns to draw a pre-card and a passion card respectively.  The game has three levels, from playful caress to passionate wildness, so everyone can enjoy it.

Discover Your Lover contains 1 playing board, 1 dice, 2 hour glass timers as well as 240 cards with challenges, offering many hours of cheeky play together.

The game is for 2 adults. Be aware that the game is in English.

Product Details

CONTAINS: 1 playing board, 1 dice, 2 hour glass timers, 2 playing pieces and 2x240 cards.
LANGUAGE: English.
SIZE OF THE BOX: 26x26 cm.


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