Claims & Returns

If you have any questions regarding claims and returns, please feel free to contact us.

When you return a product, either due to defects or if you changed your mind, we always send you an email once we’ve received it. The email will inform you of the procedure in connection with processing your case.

Returned items

Under EU law, you are entitled to a 14-day cancellation right, allowing you to return your purchase within 14 days after receiving them. When you shop at, you have 365 days to return your items.

If you want to exert your right to cancel your purchase, you are required to return the product and the original packaging in the same conditions as when you received them.

For hygienic reasons, the return policy does not apply to intimate products when the packaging of the product has been opened.

You may open products that are not for intimate use, if you can return them in the same condition and quantity as when you received them. Your cancellation right also ceases to apply if you use the product in a way where the use obviously reduces the market value significantly.

You may return the item to us by:
- refusing to receive it. Then the order is automatically returned to Sinful without further charge.
- returning the unused product to the address: Mcompany ApS, Axel Kiers Vej 3, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark.

Please note that Sinful will not receive packages sent cash on delivery. We only receive packages delivered to our address.

When you cancel a purchase, the purchase price will be refunded to your credit card or via bank transfer. The refund will be made once we have received the item and checked that it complies with the conditions under which the right of cancellation may be exerted.

Click on the link, print our the return form, fill in your details, and enclose it in the return package.

If you don't have a printer, you're welcome to copy the return form by hand and enclose the handwritten version in your return package.


In accordance with EU law, offers a 24 month guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover defects, damages or wear and tear directly or indirectly resulting from misuse, lack of maintenance, violence, or tampering.

Complaints about flaws and defects must be communicated to Sinful within reasonable time after the flaw or defect was discovered or should have been discovered. In connection with claims, Sinful shall bear the relevant shipping cost, in so far it is reasonable.

In case of flaws, defects or missing deliveries, please send an email to or contact us on phone number: +45 70777070.

Please note that Sinful will not receive packages sent cash on delivery.

Refunds are normally made by repayment to your credit card.

Order mishaps

If you have received an incorrect item or if you’re missing an item, please contact us, and we will look into the issue as soon as possible.