Bijoux Indiscrets Whip Necklace

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Bijoux Indiscrets Whip Necklace

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    Product Description

    If you dream of having a seductive and sexy look that will guarantee everyone's eyes on you, then the Bijoux Indiscrets Whip Necklace is the right accessory.

    This elegant necklace looks innocent, but it is far from that. Wear it during a dinner with friends, and excite your partner with thoughts about what will happen when you get home.

    Wear the necklace as beautiful jewelry when out with friends, and notice the teasing feeling of the cool metal against your naked skin at home in the bedroom.

    The Bijoux Indiscrets necklace has a full length of 80 cm, of which 45 cm is the necklace and 35 cm is whip. In addition, the chain is nikkel-free.


    MATERIAL: Nikkel-free metal.
    COLOUR: Gold.
    LENGTH: 80 cm (45 cm necklace and 35 cm whip)

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