Belladot Britt Duo Balls Kegel Balls

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Belladot Britt Duo Balls Kegel Balls

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    Product Description

    Belladot Britt Duo Balls is a set of kegel balls for you who would like to get started with pelvic floor training.

    Britt Duo Balls has a discreet design, which makes it easy to insert up. We recommend using a water-based lubricant with your kegel ball, for more comfotable insertion.

    Internally, the Belladot Britt Duo Balls kegel balls has a geisha-ball, which rotates when you move. It gets a centre of gravity that changes, so your body has to automatically improve on it's firm hold of  the Britt Dou Balls and in that way your training becomes more effetive.

    When you are done with using your Belladot Britt Duo Balls, carefully pull out the balls using the soft and flexible silicone cord on the base.

    Belladot Britt Duo Balls are manufactured from phthalate free silicone. A white storage bag is included in your purchase.


    MATERIAL: Silicone.
    WEIGHT: 80 g.
    DIAMETER: 4 cm.
    LENGTH, TOTAL: 19 cm.
    USER GUIDE: English ect.

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